Headturners and Fuelburners

"We buy, sell, restore and rework HEADTURNERS and FUELBURNERS. Our workshop is a time capsule in every way. We saved a few tricks that today's mechanics no longer know..."

We offer a full range of manufacturing services on a wide range of conventional machinery: thiel duplex 158, thiel duplex precision grinder, 2 mikron precision lathes, mikron production lathe, mikron gear hobbing machine, mikron thread milling machine. we also have a professional tube bender and a melting furnace.
These old machines were designed and built for the production of many kinds of work and still produce to the highest possible degree of accuracy.
- thread milling
- wormgears
- spur gears
- involute gearing
- precision grinding
- tube bending, tube tapering, sand blasting, sweat brazing etc.
call or mail - we'll get it done...

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