Headturners and Fulburners

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all motorcycles have ch papers and are in running condition.
p.o.a or as advertised.
please note: when it comes to motorcycles we do not believe in extensive advertising. if you're really after an old thumper you fill your pockets and drop by...

1947 -1949 Harley Davidson EL

motorcycle startet it's life as a 1947 knucklehead. It got customized several times - the original frame got raked and streched and finally junked. What we got here now is a EL panhead engine in a genuine  wishbone frame. springer forks are original 1947. speedo  is correct to. Not a survivor but a true harley davidson bobber with only a few aftermarket parts.

SFR 30'000

1950 BSA A 10

BSA bobber - this motorcycle has a A7 lump at the moment. It will be for sale as soon as the A10 engine is race ready.


1962 panhed FL

very, very original panhead - hard to find in this condition. Levers and oil lines will be replaced to make it look perfect.

SFR 22'000.-

1948 BSA A7

great deal!!! original rigid frame BSA A7. one of the most collectable BSA twins. of the this bike was a daily rider for the past two years and is still a good runner. in "as is" condition it can go for


1948 Panhead FL 1200cc

this "milestone" harley davidson got restored in 1992. then it was sitting in a collection for over 30 years. The few aftermarket parts such as levers, headlight, speedo, horn, relais etc. will be replaced with original "oem" harley davidson stuff!


1964 Chevrolet K20 Pick up

19'000 original km, a workers car in very good condition, original 6 cyl engine

Sfr 21'000.-

coming up next

1948 BSA Competition ( M20 frame with a genuine and super rare alloy B33A engine (identical to the goldstar engine)

coming up next

1929 Harley Davidson with a 1932 JAP OHV Twin!!!